Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amsterdam Farmers Market Part 1

A bountiful harvest

Provence - Lonely Planet Travel Video


Markets of Provence

A mouth-watering look at French food

Our French Food Market

A look at the farmers' market in Nice

Friday, March 19, 2010

Farmers Market Marin County California

One of the reasons we moved to Marin County

Gainesville Farmers Market

Never even had this one on my list...until now

Dane County Farmers' Market -- Among the Top 10 in the Countr

This is one on our list to visit

GoMkt: Seafood Handling--Seattle Farmers Market Alliance

Where was this when we lived in Seattle?

Milkwood: How to Pickle Olives

Homemade olives--that's something I'd like to try

How to Make Pickled Green Beans with Karen Solomon

Pickled green beans = 0 carbs

Principals of Beekeeping : How to smoke bees

Making your own honey. Sweet

Austin Farmers Market Faceoff

The two big Farmers Markets in Austin in a side by side taste test

Fish and Chips in London

My favorite restaurant in London

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Santa Monica Farmers Market

One of our favorites especially when stone fruit is in season

A day in the life of Portland Farmers Market

One of the few farmers markets in the U.S. we have not visited

Rebecca Rather at Texas Book Festival

Rebecca Rather shows off her latest cookbook